Tailor-made art prints

Specialized since 2009 in artistic serigraphy, we have acquired and developed a know-how and an equipment allowing us to offer art prints of a high quality, faithful to the expectations of artists and collectors.

Technique of screen printing, remarkable for its efficiency, flexibility, rendering has been recognized for many years by artists around the world for the production of original works and reproductions. It is as such officially recognized as a technique for the production of original art prints.

Printing all that is liquid on everything that is flat

Working with all the best paper suppliers, we offer a wide range of papers for the production of printed artworks (art papers, Japanese papers, technical papers …). We also print on many other media : wood, glass , metals, textiles, leather, synthetics.
Always looking for specific answers to the challenges of artistic production and in addition to a wide range of technical inks (scratchable inks, thermochromic, phosphorescent, encapsulated inks …) , we are regularly brought to work with tailor-made solutions prepared with the artists at the studio (printing based on organic materials, flocking powders and pigments, golding with leaf …).

Working abroad

In order to facilitate the remote work, we realize and ship samples of colors and print tests before launching the production. All our expeditions are realized in reassured and insured packing.

Our equipment

  • « 3/4 automatic » line THIEME 3040 with Natgraph tunnel and UV bridge, size: 160 x 120 cm ;
  • « 1 hand » KIPPAX, size 150 x 110 cm ;
  • Pröll color ink preparation scale (PANTONE & RAL color charts) ;
  • printing of typons on AGFA films ;
  • Massicot POLAR 82 ;
  • Sharpenning machine for squeeges.

Technical infos

  • Maximum screen printing size: 120 x 160 cm
  • No minimum or maximum number of copies
  • All colors are produced on site (Pantone and RAL color charts, fluorescent, metallic, technical ink …);
  • No maximum number of colors;
  • Printing on all types of paper, with no minimum or maximum weight;
  • Printing on many supports (wood, metal, glass, textiles, leathers, synthetic materials);
  • Printing transfers on glass, ceramic …

In order to be able to establish a silkscreen printing quote, we will need to know:

  • The print format
  • The number of colors to print
  • The number of copies of the print
  • The choice of the print medium.

We offer a wide range of references and samples from many manufacturers (Arches, Canson, Fabriano …). Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you on the most appropriate choice for your project.

For a silk screen printing from a computer file, we will need a file in 300 dpi resolution, size 1, with layers separated by color to print (the work of separation of colors can be done by our cares).
Files can be vector or bitmaps. Accepted formats: TIFF, PDF, PSD, AI …
For a print from an original painted or drawn on film, we will need different films (1 film per color) with a most opaque drawing possible (acrylic, Chinese ink, carvings, etc …)
For a reproduction of an original on canvas or paper, we will support the scanning of the original (shooting or scan) then the work to separate the different colors.


Partners & Suppliers